1502 Coffee (Whole Bean)


Description: When pairing coffee with your cigar, you definitely can’t go wrong with a coffee brewed specifically by a cigar blender for cigars! Obviously, 1502 coffee is the perfect company for your 1502 cigars, but I can assure you it will pair well with any cigar you pair with coffee. This light-medium roast coffee is available in whole bean or ground, and is best described below:

Weight: 200g (0.5 pounds)

“1502 Coffee is specially selected from three of the top coffee farms in the mountains of Jinotega and Matagalpa Nicaragua. It is a top selection of 100% Arabica coffee. Both Bourbon and Caturra varieties are utilized in this coffee which is selected for its taste. That taste is classically Nicaraguan. It is lightly earthy, with hints of cocoa, citrus, and red fruits, pure 1502.”

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