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Where Can I Purchase a 1502 Cigar?

Enrique Sanchez - Tuesday, September 10, 2013

To honor the voyage of Christopher Columbus in 1502, Global Premium Cigar’s 1502 was created. These are high quality Nicaraguan cigars that come in three various lines. These lines include Emerald, Ruby, and Black Gold. Each line has fillers that contain different blends and flavors. Each line also has wrappers with different primings. These Latin American cigars come in different vitolas that are box pressed. A semi closed foot is also contained in every cigar.

It is easy and convenient to find a store of Global Premium Cigar’s 1502. All you have to do is check out their website and make use of the site map provided on the site. Simply click a spot on this map to find a retailer of 1502 Cigars. You may also make use of the alphabetical listing of club locations near you. This list can be found underneath the map. You can also find 1502 Cigars near you by just entering your Zip code in the box provided. Global Premium Cigar’s 1502 is available in many stores in Nicaragua and the United States. This makes it easy for you to find a retailer around your area.

There are a lot of locations that offer Global Premium Cigar’s 1502. Retailers of these Nicaraguan cigars offer premium quality goods. With the help of the page in the company’s website that serves as a guide for customers, it is truly easy and convenient to find the nearest retailer.

Emerald is the line that is perfect for you if you want to experience a fine strong cigar. It is made from select aged tobacco leaves and is flavored mildly. Emerald has a subtle strength and excellent flavor and aroma. These Latin American cigars have a combination of citrus taste and honey sweetness. You may also experience some vanilla flavor as Emerald burns.

You will also love the taste of Ruby. This line has pepper notes and a spice flavor. You may also taste some cocoa notes. The aroma of Ruby is lovely with spices, nuts, cocoa, and earthy notes. These Nicaraguan cigars produce smoke in nice amounts. Black Gold is ideal for smokers who love strong flavors. You can experience cinnamon and pepper notes in these high quality Nicaraguan cigars. In addition, the aroma of Black Gold is consistent.

Global Premium Cigar’s 1502 is a brand that you cannot resist. It consists of three amazing lines that can satisfy your needs. When looking for these top quality Latin American cigars, you have to make use of the service offered by the company. You can take advantage of this service offered in the website. With the help of this service, you will be able to find a retailer without any hassle. You can simply use the map or check out the alphabetical listing of club locations. You can also enter your Zip code in looking for a Cigars 1502 retailer.

Global Premium Cigar’s 1502 is available in several retail outlets not only in Nicaragua but also in the United States. You can find a retailer nearest you by simply checking out the company’s website.