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Enrique Sanchez - Friday, August 23, 2013

Christopher Columbus got on his final voyage from Spain to the New World. His journey took him to the Windward Islands, Leeward Islands, Hispaniola, Jamaica, Cuba, and to the coast of Central America. As he was sailing along the coast, he explored a country and then he discovered Nicaragua. Global Premium Cigar has taken the name 1502 to honor Christopher Columbus’ exploration and discovery of Nicaragua. These Nicaraguan cigars are categorized in three different lines and blends namely Emerald, Ruby, and Black Gold.

Global Premium Cigar’s 1502 are quality cigars that many smokers enjoy. Emerald, Ruby, and Black Gold are three different lines with various blends in their fillers. In each line, you can find various primings for the wrappers. They also come in a various box pressed vitolas. They also have a foot that is semi closed to every cigar.

Emerald can be best described as “fine strong”. The size of this blend is 6.5 x 52, and it is mild/medium flavored. These high quality cigars are created from aged tobacco leaves that are carefully selected. These Nicaraguan cigars have subtle strength that have aroma and flavor that can be experienced best when blended with Corojo Habano de Nicaragua. These cigars are also best consumed with San Andres, Mexico’s long fillers, Esteli’s fields and Nicaragua’s Condega.

Emerald also has a sweet aroma of apricot. You can taste the sweetness of honey and the taste of citrus in this cigar. You can also experience the vanilla theme of Emerald as it burns. These high quality cigars are loaded with the best combination of flavors and aroma that you are looking for.

Ruby is the created blend for a smoker’s delight. The aesthetic presentation of this blend bestows the handcraftsmanship that the cigar makers possess. Ruby is 5 x 50 in size and has the flavor and aroma from Jalapa’s de valley and Nicaragua’s Esteli. It is wrapped with a classy Ecuador’s dark wrapper. This cigar is silky and smooth because of the bits of oils found on the Ecuadorian wrapper.

The aroma is truly lovely with cocoa, spices, nuts, and earthy. As you light up the cigar, you will experience the light spice flavor and pepper notes. You can also experience cocoa notes and other amazing flavors. Ruby produces a nice amount of smoke that you will surely enjoy. The charcoal ash on the cigar is firm.

Black Gold is perfect for people who love strong cigars. This blend has strong and bold flavors that will surely be enjoyed by discerning smokers. The long filler from Nicaragua is complemented perfectly by Maduro sun-grown wrapper. Black Gold’s character and strength are nurtured by the natural elements, which are sources of the fantastic flavor. You can experience the cinnamon flavor and a medium pepper. This Nicaraguan cigar is consistent in the flavor and aroma throughout.

Global Premium Cigar’s 1502 have achieved high ratings and best reviews because of the fact that these are high quality cigars. They are the best Nicaraguan cigars created to satisfy discerning smokers. Their combinations of aroma and flavor can guarantee your one of a kind smoking experience.