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Best Tasting Cigars

Enrique Sanchez - Friday, May 17, 2013

The best flavored cigars have a certain strength to them, a chart will display the strength of the cigar to present the evidence of its strength. Depending of the level of power the cigar has (full-bodied or medium) the chart will be based on that. On another note, (you) as the taster will have options of the type of ingredients the cigar contains and choose your favorite cigar.

For example, the 1502 Emerald cigar is the type of cigar that has a honey sweetness and vanilla aroma that surrounds it. Added to its flavor an apple fruitiness with citrus notes, cedar, and roast aromas execute the velvety smooth smoke. This type of cigar derives from Corojo Habano of Nicaragua and long fillers from San Andres. Once you try this exemplar cigar the mild plus strength of the cigar will take into effect; therefore understanding potency of the cigar.

To experience the taste of the cigars, try smoking an Emerald in the morning after breakfast or during breakfast. After eating breakfast, lunch or dinner is a popular way of smoking cigars. Explore ideas of ways and places to smoke cigars.

Another example of a good cigar is the 1502 Ruby. The medium plus based cigar reaches a strength score of 7 out of 10. In the mix of the cigar hints of brazil, macadamia, and sunflower seed will be detected. Among the ingredients earth and cedar is in the cigar from Nicaragua and wrapper from Ecuador. The make of the whole cigar makes it reach the level of medium plus, but there are more cigars that are stronger than the Ruby.

Try smoking the Ruby after lunch or on the pool  deck to feel that mid-day relaxed feeling.

A stronger cigar than the Ruby is the Black Gold. The Black Gold is a challenging full-body cigar that has a score of 8.8 out of 10. What makes the cigar so strong? The forest soil and nuts with wood aroma. In further detail the cigar contains small amounts of pepper [or chili] over tender chocolate sweetness. The multi-layered and complex cigar has fruit notes along in the mix to it finish it off. The Black Gold is (of course) made by 1502.

Have you smoked a full-body cigar at night? Light up a Black Gold during your Friday night poker game with your buddies to show them what a strong cigar is like and share what you know with them.

After introducing 3 different types of cigars and the level of strength the cigar has; whether it is a mild plus, medium plus, or full body you will be able to differentiate a variety of cigars and choose the best flavored cigars offered.

When is the best time for you to smoke a cigar?