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2013 Cigar Awards & Recognitions

Enrique Sanchez - Wednesday, January 08, 2014

We have been blessed to have such wonderful success with our quality cigars in 2013. It was a great year full of memories and amazing people. This year is not turning out so bad either.

Best Of The Best (Top 5 Boutique Cigars of 2013) - No. 1

Sticks 2 Ash named our 1502 Emerald was named the No. 1 best boutique cigar in 2013. "This cigar without a doubt blew me away! I am a full body smoker and never expected this of all three to be the cigar that won me over".

Best Cigars of 2013

HalfWheel named our 1502 Emerald was named the No. 16 of 25 best cigars in 2013. 

Top 10 Boutique Cigars of 2013

All three cigar flavors, the Emerald, Ruby, and Black Gold were named in the top 10 Boutique Cigars of 2013 by Find Cigar AZ. 

2013 - Boutique Brand of the Year

Facciamo Puff honored 1502 Cigars as the Boutique Brand of the Year!

Top 13 Reviewed Cigars of 2013 - No. 2

Our 1502 Ruby Robusto was named the No. 2 best cigar reviewed by Cigar Federation in 2013. "A highly enjoyable cigar from start to finish. I'll be looking for a replacement box of the 1502 Ruby's and I'm also going to try out their Emerald and Black & Gold lines as well".

14th Best Cigar of Top 25 2013

Our Ruby Toro has been selected as one of the TOP 25 CIGARS of the 2013 year. See below the full list.